ChannelNewsFriday, February 22, 2013
Workshop - Measures to activate an Economy of Culture
Friday, February 22, 2013
Finding the resources for the conservation and the enhancement of Italian cultural and artistic heritage: it is the joint objective of the City of Florence - Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport Servizio Musei Civici Fiorentini - and

This is the first public-private initiative that starts from a real need that the City of Florence has already begun to face giving some concrete answers.

Specifically, the City of Florence is working in this direction since 2012. It has organized an information meeting on March 9, 2012 "Measures to trigger an 'Economy of Culture: donations pursuant to article 38 L. 342/2000 ". In May, it continued its work participating in ART & TOURISM. Both interventions offered a lunge on the regulatory landscape in favour of the Tax relief dedicated to the private sector which wants to invest in culture.

On February 28, 2013 in the “Sala delle Vetrate”  at the SUC of Florence will be held a training day - coordinated by the Servizio Musei Civici and the Cultura Turismo Sport - which provides a refresher workshops for the purpose of information and education on donations. A real mini course for experts, whose program is attached to this email invitation. The course is structured to create the maximum cooperation between the local authorities and those ones responsible for peripheral administrations of the State such as the Direzione Regionale del MiBAC and the Agenzia delle Entrate to share widely the objectives of the training project. The speakers were selected to ensure a positive trait-d’union, a link between the various players in the local deal of the proceedings.

In addition, the morning includes a series of speeches of persons who may bring their practical experience in dealing with the issues of fundraising.

The innovative idea for Italy is to create synergy between an educational offer dedicated to fundraising - and in particular to the practice of spreading DONATIONS made profitable by the regime of tax exemption provisions of art. 38 of L. 342/2000 - sponsored by the Assessorato alla Cultura e Contemporaneità of the City of Florence - and the association "fund4art" that has created a platform, fundplace, entirely dedicated to cooperation between the needs related to Cultural Heritage and the business sector and all or possible stakeholders to use the instrument of DONATIONS. Fundplace is the place where the projects waiting to be "adopted" by a lender are available on the net, classified by sector (restoration, conservation, enhancement), per time period, objective and budget. "Through a database of questions (requests for intervention by public authorities) and offers (by businesses and private citizens), on view at the web, you create a 'virtuous bag' that brings report and creates communication between the companies and the owners of the Cultural Heritage. A fruitful communication, based on a system where the payments are 100% deductible. "

It is a concrete commitment to involve all the actors of reference, creating the synergy between the various skills required: Local Authorities, Ministry of Culture and Revenue Agency on the front of the institutions that deal with the apparatus of professionals and entrepreneurs thanks the involvement of professional bodies and associations.

To them we address our network of information and training that aims to make cultural production a major economic term, we would dare to say structural and strategic.


'Reservations required, the hall has a capacity of 90 seats.