CorsiLaurea Magistrale in RestauroLaurea Triennale in Conservazione e Restauro del legno, della carta, dei tessuti

The undergraduate study in Conservation and Restoration is based on the latest technical, technological, professional and scientific knowledge in conservation and restoration, presented by national and foreign experts. There is also an emphasis is on the intensive use of information technologies and on mastering two foreign languages – English and Italian.

An essential feature of the program is a close co-operation with the Institute of Art and Restoration "Palazzo Spinelli" in Florence, which focuses particularly on the practical work of the students, while at the same time insisting on a broad theoretical foundation. 

Students attend regular classes and perform part of their practical work in the classrooms and workshops of the University of Dubrovnik, in Župa Dubrovačka, in the Croatian Institute for Restoration in Dubrovnik, in the General Hospital of Dubrovnik and in the museums of Dubrovnik. In the course of the three undergraduate years of study, five weeks are spent each year in Florence, involving students in practical tasks in the workshops of the institute "Palazzo Spinelli"


The undergraduate study in Restoration and Conservation (wood, paper, textile) lasts three years, i.e. six semesters (180 ECTS credits).

Laurea Triennale in Conservazione e Restauro del legno, della carta, dei tessuti

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