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Palazzo Spinelli's On-Line course catalogue is a new system of learning created to provide in-depth knowledge on specific subjects linked to conservation, restoration and promotion of cultural heritage. 
Each course is tailored to match student interests with the objective of offering professional development and conferring more extensive skills in the feld of management and promotion of cultural heritage. 
Using the on-line platform Google Meet, students can access the live classes as part of a weekday or weekend formula; 4 to 8 week courses; and blended courses held by our experts.
Firenze from 07/02/2022 to 26/03/2022
Firenze from 08/03/2022 to 19/04/2022
Firenze from 24/03/2022 to 23/04/2022
Firenze from 04/05/2022 to 08/06/2022
Firenze from 10/05/2022 to 26/05/2022
Firenze from 01/10/2022 to 03/12/2022
Firenze from 05/10/2022 to 05/11/2022
Firenze from 03/11/2022 to 01/12/2022
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Firenze from 21/11/2022 to 19/12/2022
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