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Course Structure and Objective
Florence hosts the largest number of masterpieces and operators of the conservation of the artistic heritage of the world, offers the best opportunities to acquire and refine the skills and knowledge for the protection of cultural heritage. Our Institute is organizing in May, intensive courses to specific parts of the restoration for all professionals and enthusiasts who want to delve into certain topics. 
The course of Consolidation of Paintings on Canvas aims to provide participants with the insights into consolidation techniques to enable the adhesion of the different layers of paint during the restoration of paintings on canvas.

Training and Location

From Monday to Friday every morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a total of 40 hours.

The course will be held in the laboratories in Via delle Casine 21/rosso in Florence.


The course is open to all applicants, Italian and international. Previous experience is not necessary.

The course is taught in Italian. International students should have good basic knowledge of the language.


At the end of the course, a certificate of attendace will be issued to all participants.
  • Consolidation techniques of paintings on canvas with the techniques of minimal intervention. 
  • Methodology for the correct setting of an intervention project. 
  • Photography
  • Using the table at low pressure for the recovery of the surface. 
  • Humidification, direct and indirect. 
  • Consolidation with synthetic resins. 
  • Suturing of cuts and lacerations. 
  • Strip lining. 
  • Cold lining.


To register for the course, the student must submit to the Secretary of the Institute for the Art and Restoration: 

1. Registration form 
2. Administrative Regulations 
3. Copy of the receipt for payment of the entire fee for the course 
4. Photocopy of an identity document 

Applicants can send the registration form via email to or by fax (+39 055 217963) or by post. 

It is suggested students to enroll no later than two weeks before the course starts. Applications will be accepted until all available places are filled. 
Fee payments can be made directly to the Administrative Office or by sending a check or money order to: 

Institute for Art and Restoration 
Via Maggio, 13 
50125 Florence 

Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer, payable to

Institute for Art and Restoration

UNICREDIT SPA, agenzia di Firenze, Via de’ Vecchietti
Iban: IT 33 E 02008 02837 000000880880 


Consolidation of Paintings on Canvas

Firenze 25th edition

Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro

40 hours
from 29/07/2019 to 09/08/2019


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