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Recent research carried out by Isat and linked to reports such as "Impresa Cultura" by Federculture and "Io sono Cultura" by Symbola on the state of creative industries in Italy highlighted exponential growth of awareness of our cultural heritage, the environment and our territory. At the same time, expenditure in culture and cultural activities is constantly increasing with higher numbers of people than ever visiting museums, monuments and archeological sites.

In connection with this phenomenon, new forms of funding and management structures are gradually being developed in order to offer the public more complex and varied services, for example through support systems such as museum fundraising and the Italian art bonus.

Focussing on smart management - to bridge the wide gap with other European countries - we teach graduating students and young professionals how they can contribute to the development and implementation of services for the sustainable enjoyment of our shared cultural and environmental heritage.


This course aims to provide you with in depth managerial and cultural skills and enable you to handle communication plans, fundraising and project management combined with detailed knowledge of our cultural heritage and territory. You will be able to understand and use the networks of institutions that work in the sector to maximum effect to create new partnerships and managerial and promotional structures for our heritage.

Professional Profile

Graduates from this course possess managerial and organisational skills for the cultural sector. They can work in museums, galleries, cultural associations, foundations, auction houses, communcations and fundraising companies, design companies, cultural events groups and tourism and territorial organisations with the aim of creating new services for culture fit for today's society and facilitating our cultural growth in an international context.

Course Structure, Dates and Location

First session (15 February 2021 - 23 July 2021): Theoretical sessions, laboratory sessions, technical visits, practical training, conferences and technical meetings, seminars, visiting professor sessions, research and documentation, intermediate checking and evaluations.
Project workshop for the design, organisation and promotion of a cultural event.
NB: In view of the current global pandemic, lessons from 15 February to 26 March 2021 will be held online on the Google Meet platform. From 27 March to 11 April, lessons will be suspended for the Easter holidays, then from 12 April to 23 July, restrictions permitting, lessons will be held in person in Via Maggio 13, Florence.
Summer holidays will be from 26 July to 2 September.
Second session (2 September 2021 - 17 December 2021): a 4-month practical internship with a possible extension in Italy or abroad. Final exams.
From Monday to Friday for a total number of 20/24 a week.
The sessions take place at the historic Palazzo Ridolfi, Via Maggio 13, Florence.
Marketing and Communication of Cultural Heratige
Marketing for Cultural Heritage
Communication for Cultural Heritage
Interpersonal Communication and Team Working
Legislation for Cultural Heritage
Safety in the workplace
Budget and Finance
Cultural Project Management
Fundraising for Cultural Enterprises
Culture and Territory
Museum Management and Communication
Territory for Cultural Heritage
Handling and Packaging Art
Cultural Events Organisation
Art Galleries
Auction Houses
Cultural Tourism and Itineraries
Cultural Entrepreneurship
Open-Air Parks and Museums
Culture and the Environment
Information Technology
IT and New Technologies for Cultural Heritage
English Language Seminar

Project Design
Project Workshop for the Promotion and Development of Cultural Heritage.

Technical Visits and Seminars
Technical Visits to Museums, Galleries and Companies
Participation in Sector Events and Congresses
Internships in companies, museums and institutions, galleries, auction houses etc.



To apply, you must be:

  • An Italian graduate of the “vecchio ordinamento didattico” (before the University reform
  • act of the Academic Year 2001/2002) in “Lettere”, History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage Technician, Architecture and similar.
  • An Italian graduate of the “nuovo ordinamento didattico” in all the degrees included in the following list: Science of Cultural Heritage, Technologies for  Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Restoration, History of Art and similar. Science of Tourism applied to Cultural Heritage, Economy of territorial Tourism, Communication and Management of Art and Culture Markets and similar;
  • An international graduate in equivalent degrees coming from International universities. Please be aware that this course is taught in Italian. A B2 level in the European Common Framework is required before beginning the course. Language support is available during the course. Please contact the Secretariat for advice about intensive Italian language programmes.
  • A graduate from other degree courses, with the advance approval of the Scientific Committee.


The Masters issues 60 credits, which is shown on the final certification and calculated based on the actual duration of the individual modules or subjects, taking into account study and individual research. 
Masters in Management of Cultural Heritage

Firenze 23rd edition

Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro

1500 hours
from 14/02/2022 to 16/12/2022


Next edition
from 13/02/2023 to 20/12/2023

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