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Historically, in the field of cultural heritage promotion, the management of additional services in museums, though hailed as "revolutionary", is the sector that, more than others, has faced considerable obstacles during the process of being adapted to a management model capable of finding a balance between all the people and organisations involved.

Since 2014, as part of a reform package from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, important steps were made to reinforce policies for the protection and promotion of our heritage, giving a higher level of autonomy to our museums. Under the museums decree enacted on 23 December 2014, museums evolved from being recognised as simple offices of the public arts authority to being institutions with technical and scientific autonomy that carry out protection and promotion activities for their collections, ensuring and furthering public access. This significant change created 20 autonomous museums and a network of 17 regional hubs that aim to facilitate unhindered dialogue between public and private museums and guarantee integrated public services; a revolution in the management of additional museum services that can become a source of economic revenue and a foundation for promotion projects conceived by the new museum directors.

In Italy's museums, however, services are underdeveloped, hence the necessity of creating "complex" employment profiles, capable of conceiving and promoting innovative and engaging proposals, combining art and humanities, marketing, communication and dynamic management skills that will allow museum services to respond to new demand.


This masters aims to provide graduates with the skills to design, manage and implement museum services, providing competences and skills to prospective employees in an emerging market that requires speicalised and specific managerial ability.

The masters is organised in collaboration with Associazione Mus.e in Florence and is based primarily on project work where the students have the opportunity to discover real working challenges and team dynamics to create an actual venture.

Professional Profile

The professional profile defined by this course is that of a manager with a high level of cultural experience and the awareness of the innovation and changes occuring in the sector. Graduates will have specific knowledge of museum services such as public information and welcoming; ticket offices (including online); guides, assistence and education services; exhibition, demonstration and event planning; editorial services; sales; e-commerce; catering; bars and restaurants; IT skills; and personnel. 

Course Structure, Dates and Location

First Phase (11 May 2020 – 27 November 2020): theory lessons, project work, practical sessions, visits to companies, conferences and seminars, research and documentation, tests and evaluations.

Project workshop for the conception, organisation and promotion of a cultural event.

Second Phase (30 November 2020 - 29 April 2021): 4-month internship in Italy or abroad. Final exams.

From Monday to Friday with a total of 20/24 hours per week.

The sessions take place at the historic Palazzo Ridolfi, Via Maggio, 13 in Florence.

Marketing and Communication for Cultural Heritage
Marketing and communication for museums
Interpersonal communication and team working
Project management for museums

Legislation for cultural heritage
Safety in the workplace
Quality standards management

Economics and Finance
Budget management
Fundraising for cultural companies
Policies and economics for museums
Organisation, management and promotion of museum services
Welcoming, information, guide services
Bookshops, gifts and gadgets
Cultural mediation and educational services
Museum publishing and specialised editorial services
Moving and packing works of arts
Exhibit design and set up
Social networks for museums
Press office and public relations
Project Workshop
Project workshop for the creation of a charter of museum services for a territorial museum institution.

Technical Visits, Seminars and Study Tour
Visits to museums, galleries and collections
Seminars with visiting professors
Study tour

Internship in companies, museums, organisations etc.


Admission is permitted for:

  • Italian graduates of the old and new system in Letters, History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage Management, Architecture and similar.
  • Italian graduates of the new system in all the degrees including: Cultural Heritage Science, Technologies for  Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Restoration, History of Art and similar. Tourism Science applied to Cultural Heritage, Economy of territorial tourism, Communication and Management of Art and Culture Markets and similar.
  • Graduates from other degree courses, with advance approval of the Scientific Committee.
  • International graduates in equivalent degrees coming from international universities. Please be aware that this course is taught in Italian. A B2 level in the European Common Framework is required before beginning the course. Language support is available during the course. Please contact the Secretariat for advice about intensive Italian language programmes.


The Masters issues 60 credits, which are detailed on the final certificate and calculated based on the actual duration of the individual modules or subjects, taking into account study time and individual research. These credits may be recognized by state and non-state universities in Italy according to DM 509/99, on the autonomy of universities, as amended by D.MIUR 270/04.
Masters in Museum Services Management

Firenze 1st edition

Palazzo Spinelli Associazione

1500 hours
from 10/05/2021 to 26/04/2022


Next edition
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