In 2001, Palazzo Spinelli launched its first master's courses in the field of conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, cultural events management and design.

The courses are structured to enable participants to acquire practical, operational and design skills, and to use these skills to work at the cutting edge of the profession. 

The lessons are taught by industry professionals who, through their own work experience, give students the opportunity to acquire a more practical approach to problems and development strategies.

All master's courses last 10-12 months. The full length of the course is 1500 hours, split between lectures, design workshops, internships in business as well as seminars, conferences and events.

Firenze from 10/10/2022 to 28/07/2023
The masters aims to provide graduates with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, methodology and a high-level scientific and international approach, capable of writing candidate dossiers and efficiently and sustainably managing World Heritage sites.
Firenze from 10/10/2022 to 31/07/2023
The main task of this Masters is to provide the required knowledge and skills to prepare and organize exhibitions and art events and to programme cultural events in all their steps from the first drafting to the management of the technical organisation aspects such as the co-ordination of human resources and collaborators.
Firenze from 10/10/2022 to 28/07/2023
The aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to work in the design of routes, equipment, installations and experiences for the enjoyment of cultural heritage with a specific focus on the area of museums.
Firenze from 13/02/2023 to 15/12/2023
The Masters aims to prepare graduate applicants who intend to work in the cultural heritage sector. It equips students with a perfect balance of academic and vocational skills with a practical and experienced approach.
Firenze from 13/02/2023 to 15/12/2023
This Masters aims to prepare graduates to work in the cultural heritage sector. Students will have the opportunity to develop a pragmatic and practical approach to the themes relating to cultural heritage, preservation and conservation through a series of hands-on experiences at restoration sites and laboratories combined with direct study of artworks and practical internship sessions in companies and institutions.
Firenze from 13/02/2023 to 15/12/2023
The Masters course has a dual theoretical-practical approach based on specific professional roles current required in the sector. The objective of the course is to train cultured and experienced managers who are able to keep up with the innovation and significant changes happening in the sector