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Flores Cultural Heritage Institute

Flores Cultural Heritage Institute was founded in 2013 by a group of organisations with decades of experience in conservation, restoration and promotion of cultural heritage worldwide both in the public and private sector.

The group's experience and new University status make Flores an excellent provider of services for safeguarding cultural heritage. The higher education department manages the single cycle 5-year degree program in restoration of stone and frescoes and brings together dozens of experts in the various different subject areas linked to restoration, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The founding members manage the heritage services department and guarantee a vast range of high-level assistance for heritage projects.

Founding Members

  • Art-Test, Firenze
  • CISEF, Centro Internazionale Studi economici e Finanziari, Roma 
  • CSP Consorzio Sviluppo e Promozione, Roma
  • Ferrari Restauri, Milano
  • Icomos, Roma
  • Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro di Firenze, Firenze
  • Le Arti Orafe, Firenze
  • Nardini Press, Firenze
  • Palazzo Spinelli Associazione no profit, Firenze
  • PTI, Progetti Integrati Territoriali, Napoli

University Accreditation

On 15 July 2014 the Interministerial Commission MIBACT/MIUR (Ministery of Cultural Heritage and Ministery of Education) approved the launch of the single-cycle 5-year Degree program issuing the qualification of Restorer of Cultural Heritage (Vocational Training Profile 1, regulated by Ministerial Decree 87/2009: Stone materials and derivatives, and decorated wall surfaces). 

The Degree program permits graduates to work as Project Managers and Restorers of Cultural Heritage in museums, churches, public arts authorities, national and international heritage protection organisations, and with antiques dealers and collectors. 

Institutional Agreements

Thanks to the international contacts of its founding members, Flores has signed agreements with several institutions to guarantee the listed heritage available for the students to work on during the degree and for graduate employment opportunities.

Instiutions include:

  • Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche CNR/ICVBC – Firenze
  • ArtTest – Firenze
  • ADSI Associazione Dimore Storiche – Firenze
  • Fondazione Conservatori Riuniti – Siena
  • Monastero de La Verna – Chiusi della Verna (Arezzo)
  • Curia di Fiesole – Fiesole (Firenze)
  • Soprintendenza di Firenze, Pistoia e Prato – Firenze
  • Soprintendenza di Siena e Grosseto – Siena
According to Ministerial Decree 87/2009, 80% of practical work carried out by the Degree program students must be on listed works of art as defined by the Italian Code for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.


Via Maggio, 13 50125 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 282951



Our Mission

Our mission is to act in all fields of culture, landscape, environment, art and design that constitute each country's historical, artistic and cultural heritage, and which represent a fundamental opportunity for the growth and development of young people from all nations.


  • 5-year Degree in Restoration
  • Services for Cultural Heritage

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