EventsPalazzo Spinelli Award

The Palazzo Spinelli Award

The mission of the Palazzo Spinelli Award is in recognition to the commitment of those who have worked and still work in the fields of conservation, restoration, management and promotion of cultural heritage whether its in training, research and development of new technologies or the transfer of skills and expertise in the protection and enhancement of our universal heritage.

The award categories each year are as follows:
  1. Activities of Conservation and Restoration (restoration company) 
  2. Business Management and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (former student) 
  3. Research and Development of new technologies applied to cultural heritage (project) 
  4. Activities of Education, Training and transfer of knowledge and skills (teacher)
This is an international award and consists of original work that is carried out directly in our laboratories by the restorers of the Institute. 
This work is aimed to represent the close link between the tradition of Florentine restoration with the dexterity of the restorer, bringing the attention of the public to the secrets that lie behind the formal structure of restoration activities: a world of traditions, cultures, ideologies, technologies, and the passion transposed within the multiple symbolisms that characterize the work of the subject in intervention.