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Palazzo Spinelli offers a student accommodation research service for free, but only for students of Masters and academic courses. Students who need accommodation should contact Dr.ssa Elena Amodei, who can be reached via e-mail elena.amodei@palazzospinelli.org or by telephone +39 055 282951.


The Palazzo Spinelli Library can be used by all students for books, projects, document consulting and loans for individual study.


Wireless Internet is free to access for all Palazzo Spinelli students throughout the building.

Agreements/ Special rates

Palazzo Spinelli offers a student card which allows you to get discounts and reductions in affiliated bars, restaurants, book shops and stationery shops, etc.

Lectures and Debates

Palazzo Spinelli organises a series of lectures and debates given by experts and professionals in different specialities in the lecture hall. Students are regularly invited to participate, also to exhibition launches, seminars and cultural events.

Alumni Association 

All graduate students automatically become members of the Palazzo Spinelli Alumni, whose headquarters are based in Florence, but have regional and national branches across the world. Associated students can participate all events that aim to strengthen their role and the image of their profession. Every graduated student is given the right to request their own webpage on the official website of Palazzo Spinelli.


During the training, students are supported daily by a tutor from the Institute. The tutor is essential in creating the smooth running of the course as it allows support to be given to those who have special needs, and also follow to the specific needs of individuals as well as the group.

Job Placement

At the end of the Masters, our office sends more than 350 companies that collaborate with Palazzo Spinelli, a final book of the Masters with the CV's of students recently graduated. These companies will then have a way of contacting Palazzo Spinelli for possible job interviews and opportunities for new graduates.
Palazzo Spinelli offers to its students a range of facilities to make their stay as comfortable and convenient as possible, and also following their graduation to facilitate for their work placement.
Services to students
  • Searching for accomodation
  • Specialized library
  • Wireless internet
  • Conventions for discounts and benifits
  • Lectures and debates
  • Alumni association
  • Tutoring
  • Job Placement