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Palazzo Spinelli provides two different support servives for students who need assistence in finding accommodation.

The first is a free internal support service: students enrolled on masters courses, three-year vocational courses and short courses can contact Dr. Elena Amodei, who can be reached via e-mail elena.amodei@palazzospinelli.org. They will receive a list of property owners and affiliated facilities, who the students can then contact directly themselves.

The second is an external support service provided by the international platform Uniplaces, which provides students with a range of accommodation choices in Florence, guaranteed and verified, and with continuous assistance both during the accommodation search and during the student's stay.

This service charges a fee, but Palazzo Spinelli students can claim a discount by using the Uniplaces promocode provided by the secretariat upon enrolment.

Uniplaces è la maggiore piattaforma online che aiuta i ragazzi di tutto il mondo a trovare un alloggio in Europa - con oltre 7 milioni di notti giá prenotate in oltre 30 città europee.
Il processo, interamente online, consente agli studenti di affittare un posto letto, una stanza o un intero appartamento in modo sicuro: grazie alle foto di qualità e alle descrizioni dettagliate, Uniplaces garantisce la presenza di tutte le informazioni necessarie per permettere ai ragazzi di scegliere e decidere consapevolmente senza doversi spostare con settimane di anticipo.
Uniplaces crea l'esperienza di affitto ideale per tutti: si appresta infatti a diventare la piattaforma numero uno per soggiorni a medio e lungo termine a livello mondiale.


The Palazzo Spinelli Library can be used by all students for books, projects, document consulting and loans for individual study.


Wireless Internet is free to access for all Palazzo Spinelli students throughout the campus buildings.

Student Card

Palazzo Spinelli students are issued with a Student Card that can be used to obtain discounts at bars, restaurants, hotels, bookshops and stationers affiliated with Palazzo Spinelli.

Lectures and Debates

Palazzo Spinelli organises a series of lectures and debates given by experts and professionals in different specialities in the lecture hall. Students are regularly invited to participate, also to exhibition launches, seminars and cultural events.

Alumni Association 

All graduate students automatically become members of the Palazzo Spinelli Alumni, based in Florence. Associated students can participate all events that aim to strengthen their role and the image of their profession.


During the training, students are supported in the daily activities by a tutor from the Institute. The tutor is essential in maintaining the smooth running of the course as it allows support to be given to the specific needs of individuals as well as the group. The tutor's constant presence as a point of reference allows students to establish a strong relationship with the Institute and share their objectives and expectations.


Palazzo Spinelli offers to its students a range of facilities to make their stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Services to students
  • Accommodation support service
  • Specialized library
  • Wireless internet
  • Student Card for discounts
  • Lectures and debates
  • Alumni Association
  • Tutoring