EnrolmentStudent Support

Advanced Booking Reductions

20% off for those who enrol in advance for a Masters or an Academic course.


€700, €1000 and €1500 scholarships offered by Palazzo Spinelli partners. 

Reduction for accreditation of admittance credits

If Palazzo Spinelli grants the student request for the accreditation of admittance credits, the Administration Office will reduce the tuition fee in accordance to the table of study equivalence.

Scholarships granted by the Italian goverment

Students who enrol in the Masters course and have been scholarships granted by the Italian Government are given a 20% reduction from the annual tuition fee.

To obtain a scholarship for a Masters from the Italian Government, it is necessary to send a request to the Italian representation in your own country (Istituto Italiano di Cultura or Italian Embassy), or to the Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Direzione Generale per la Promozione e la Cooperazione Culturale, Ufficio VI or Palazzo della Farnesina - 00194 Roma.

At the same time, the following documentation must be sent to the Admission Office of Associazione  Palazzo Spinelli, Via Maggio, no.13, 50125, Florence:

  1. Masters Admission Form, provided with the Italian Government scholarship request
  2. A professional CV in which experiences working in the field of interest are specified (if possible, attach a portfolio). Italian Government scholarships can be used together with unemployment and study cheques

Co-operation agreements

Economic support is given to students from the following countries that collaborate with Palazzo Spinelli, in the fields of Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation Agreements with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Summer and Winter Courses reduction: 20%

Training, Master and Vocational Courses: 10%

Countries that collaborate with Palazzo Spinelli in the fields of Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation Agreements are as followed:

Algeria – Argentina – Armenia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Brazil – Chile – China – Colombia – Croatia – Cuba – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Ecuador – Egypt – Ethiopia – India – Iran – Israel – Jordan – Kazakhstan – Lebanon – Libya – Lithuania – Malta – Mexico – Moldavia – Oman – Palestine – Philippines – Romania – San Marino – Saudi Arabia – Senegal – Serbia – Singapore – Slovakia – Slovenia – Syria – Tunisia – Uruguay – Uzbekistan.

Loyalty Reductions

10% Reductions

  • Students belonging to the same family (siblings, spouses and parents)
  • Students that have graduated from Palazzo Spinelli and enrol in a short course
  • Students who attend a short course and want to enrol onto a Masters course

25% Reductions

- Students who graduated from Palazzo Spinelli and enrol onto a Masters course

50% Reductions

  • Students who were not admitted to exams, or who did not pass the final exams and want re-attend the course
  • Institute collaborators, their spouse or offspring

Different Agreements

AIG Associazione Italiana Ostelli della Gioventù

5% reductions for AIG card possessors


Reductions can only be granted after written authorisation by the General Administration Office. No reductions can be offered on exam fee. Above reductions cannot be summed together.

Palazzo Spinelli has a policy of discounts for all those who wish to enroll in Master Classes or three-year restoration.
Such discounts are deducted immediately from participation fee and also allow you to pay the remaining balance with easy installments based on the needs of the participants.
For more information please contact l.raspanti@palazzospinelli.org