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Scholarship Partners with Palazzo Spinelli

For the Masters: You can participate in admissions downloaded directly from the website which provide the allocation of grants to cover part of the tuition fee.

For the three-year course in restoration: It is possible to participate in tenders downloaded directly from the website which provide for the allocation of grants to cover part of the fee.

Scholarships granted by the Italian Goverment to International Students

International students can apply for a scholarship to the Italian Government for the period of the Masters, however you must send a request to the Italian representative of their country (Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General for the Promotion and Cultural Cooperation, Office VI, Palazzo della Farnesina - 00194 Rome. These scholarships are for the study in partial or total coverage of the participation fee.


Palazzo Spinelli has created a policy for the allocation of scholarships for participation in Masters courses and three-year restoration studies.

The calls for scholarships within partners through Palazzo Spinelli are present within the descriptions of the Masters, and are listed below.

The rankings are published one month before the start of classes, so the winners can assess their registration on the basis of the scholarship awarded.  The scholarships are automatically scaled by the total amount of the Masters or of the chosen course.