The University of Dubrovnik is the “most recent” university in Croatia. It was founded in 2003 following an old tradition that dates back to the 17th century, but also in the spirit creating a modernised higher education.

Advanced training and scientific work has been instilled into the roots of the University of Dubrovnik, especially the “Ragusinium Collegium”, founded by Jesuits in 1624. It has always been considered as a higher training institution where artistic and natural science are still studied. This institution was where Ruđer Bošković studied, who is the most eminent of scientists in Croatian history as the founder of the dynamic theory of atoms.

Palazzo Spinelli founded there, the three-year undergraduate study course in Conservation and Restoration.

Undergraduate study in Restoration and Conservation (wood, paper, textile, metal and ceramics)


The University of Dubrovnik has hosted the conservation and restoration course since 2005, in collaboration with Palazzo Spinelli.

Courses include: Undergraduate Degree Study in Conservation and Restoration.

Representative: Marijana Lujo

Mail: marijana@unidu.hr