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All students are automatically members of the Palazzo Spinelli Institute Alumni.

Using the Institutes internal search engine, we are able to provide information on job opportunities and correspondence in the field and to put students in touch with companies and institutions operating in the enhancement of cultural heritage, all in the correct observation of the privacy policy.

The Alumni is also a virtual meeting place where our students can communicate and exchange information and ideas, thus implementing a creative and functional network to pursue their aspirations.

There are two sections where we highlight stories of our graduates and relevant news related to their professional experiences. These demonstrate how the ability of our students and their professionalism has helped produce greater momentum to the cultural sector and how the students themselves have managed to improve.

Storia del mese
mercoledì 2 maggio 2018
Allievo del mese
martedì 30 aprile 2019
For the second year in a row, the Cologni Foundation in Milan has awarded study-work grants to two of the Institute's recent graduates through the program 'Una Scuola. Un Lavoro. Percorsi di Eccellenza'

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