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Remote Project Management


Remote work and management of complex projects from anywhere in the world have become essential skills for modern, dynamic workplaces. This short course equips professionals with essential project management techniques tailored to remote work environments. Participants will learn how to harness digital tools, foster collaboration, and navigate challenges to ensure effective project execution within dispersed teams. Topics include effective techniques and strategies for collaboration and productivity, virtual team dynamics, communication tools, and performance evaluation.
The course will take place remotely, on the Google Meet platform allowing for continuous interaction with the Lecturer while staying comfortably at home.
The course is held by Prof. Matteo Montanari.


The course will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm CET from 17 September 2024 to 3 October 2024 for the total of 12 hours and will be held online on the Google Meet platform.


The course is open to all applicants; It is not necessary to have specific previous knowledge in the field, though any background knowledge would be a plus. The course is held in English, therefore a good working knowledge of the English language is recommended.
To attend the course you will need a PC or tablet with a stable internet connection and equipped with camera and microphone.

Special Offers 

  • Fee reduction of 20% for applicants who enrol before 17 August 2024


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.


Programma del corso

Course Programme
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Remote Work and Virtual Teams
Definition of remote work and its types, benefits and challenges faced by virtual teams, overview of the state of virtual teams and key problems they encounter, strategies used to manage challenges in remote work environments. 
Lesson 2 - Role of Project Management in Remote Work
The significance of project management in facilitating the digitization of processes, establishing ground rules for remote collaboration, essential elements for building shared understanding, transparency, roles and responsibilities.
Lesson 3 - Communication and Collaboration Techniques
Virtual team dynamics and how to navigate them, communication tools used in remote work environments, effective techniques and strategies for collaboration and productivity. Balancing information overload and scarcity, information visualizations and insights.
Lesson 4 - Performance Evaluation in Remote Teams
Strategies for evaluating performance in remote teams, key metrics and indicators used to assess remote team performance, challenges and solutions in performance evaluation, implementing feedback mechanisms.
Lesson 5 - Optimizing Digitization and Remote Work
Best practices for optimizing digitization in remote work environments. Case studies and examples of successful digitization initiatives in remote teams.
Lesson 6 - Future Trends and Considerations
Emerging trends in remote work and virtual teams, strategies for staying ahead of the curve in remote project management. Ethical considerations and social implications of remote work. Environmental impact of remote work and strategies to reduce it.


To begin the course registration procedure, simply click on the "Info and Costs" button and fill in the form with your information.
The Secretariat will send you an email with all the information necessary to complete the registration.
Participants are advised to register no later than two weeks before the start of the course. Registrations are accepted until all available places are filled.
Remote Project Management
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