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Foundation Diploma in Art, Restoration and Heritage Management
Foundation Diploma in Art, Restoration and Heritage Management
The Foundation Diploma aims to give participants practical insight into what it really means to work in the cultural and creative industries in one of the most important heritage cities in the world
The Course is for students who would like to enter the world of art and architectural management and heritage preservation, but are unsure as to which direction they would like to take.
The programme aims to give students an overview of heritage management from a safeguarding point of view with case studies on UNESCO world heritage sites including the city centre of Florence; practical hands-on experience in our restoration laboratories to appreciate what goes into the painstaking work of art conservation; Italian art history, style and culture seminars to seek the meaning behind the country's preminence in ground-breaking artistic creation; immersive experience learning the language on location; and technical behind-the-scenes visits to restoration worksites, museums, galleries and exhibitions with our expert professors.
🗓 SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday for a total of 28/32 contact hours per week. The Course will be held in the Institute's Campus buildings in Via Maggio 13, Via dei Michelozzi 2, and Via delle Casine, 21/rosso, Florence.
📜 QUALIFICATION: All participants will receive a Diploma issued by the Institute for Art and Restoration upon completion of the Course.
💡 Enrolment before 31 July 2024: fee reduction of 20%.