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Foundation Diploma in Art, Restoration and Heritage Management

Course Objectives and Professional Profile

The Foundation Diploma in Art, Restoration and Heritage Management aims to give participants practical insight into what it really means to work in the cultural and creative industries in one of the most important heritage cities in the world.

The course is for students who would like to enter the world of art, conservation and heritage management, but are unsure as to which direction they would like to take. The programme aims to give students an overview of heritage management from a safeguarding point of view with case studies on UNESCO world heritage sites including the city centre of Florence; practical hands-on experience in our restoration laboratories to appreciate what goes into the painstaking work of art conservation; Italian art history, style and culture seminars to seek the meaning behind the country's preeminence in ground-breaking artistic creation; immersive experience learning the language on location; and technical behind-the-scenes visits to restoration worksites, museums, galleries and exhibitions with our expert professors.


A UNESCO world heritage site, Florence becomes the students' campus, and forms the cultural backdrop for the programme.
With over 100 museums and hundreds of organisations operating in the sector - with which the Institute has collaborated for over 45 years - students have the opportunity to use the skills they acquire, enrich their cultural knowledge and appreciation, and dive into the city's cultural fabric.
The Institute for Art and Restoration is an internationally-renowned education and training centre founded in Florence in 1978. The Institute's students, past and present, have all had the unique experience of seeing, first hand, the activities that are carried out daily to safeguard and preserve our common cultural heritage for future generations.


Monday to Friday for a total of 28/32 contact hours per week.
The course will be held in the Institute's campus buildings in Via Maggio 13, Via dei Michelozzi 2, and Via delle Casine, 21/rosso, Florence.


All participants will receive a Diploma issued by the Institute for Art and Restoration upon completion of the course.
Programma del corso

  • Art History
  • Italian Style and Culture
  • Heritage Management
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Conservation and Restoration Workshops
  • Paintings on Canvas and Wood
  • Frescoes and Wall Paintings
  • Stone Sculptures and Mosaics
  • Paper Artefacts 
  • Italian Language
Museum and Art Experience
  • Technical visits to museums, galleries, exhibitons and/or installations. Visits and onsite experience on restoration and conservation projects in Florence.

Optional Activities

  • Excursions in the surrounding area
  • Wine tastings and cooking experiences


The Foundation course is open to:

  • Post 18 students looking to go into further education;
  • Graduates in arts and humanities degrees;
  • Graduates of other degrees, subject to evaluation of the Scientific Committee:

The teaching language is English (except for the Italian languages classes). Students must have a self-certified B1/B2 level of English. Prior experience in restoration or heritage management is not compulsory.

Student Support

All students qualify for the following fee reduction with the specified deadline:

  • Enrolment before 31 July 2024: fee reduction of 20%

Fees can be paid in a maximum of 4 installments.

Open Days Online

For more information on the Foundation course, you can book a private online meeting with the Institute's orientation office.

The open day meetings are held on Google Meet. To book please click here.

Foundation Diploma in Art, Restoration and Heritage Management
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