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Kossmann.dejong is a design studio in Amsterdam for exhibition architecture. The firm was set up in 1998 by Herman Kossmann (1958) and Mark de Jong (1960), both of whom graduated in architecture from Delft University.


A characteristic feature of the approach to design by Kossmann.dejong is linking content with visual elements. This allows us to make complex designs accessible to a wide public and to transform them into a moving experience. We combine a mix of disciplines and media to tell spatial stories. Film, light and sound are indispensable media for the creation of experiences. In a maximum of two hours, the visitor needs to become immersed in the world we have created and remember it for a long time to come.

The topics for our exhibitions vary from architecture, children’s books and history to psychiatry, art for juveniles and micro-organisms.


In addition to temporary exhibitions and permanent museum interior design, we design interiors including visitors’ centres, specific forms of catering establishment (clubs, hotels), theme pavilions and large-scale events.

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