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Originally born in 2007 in Pietrastanta, Aria art gallery established its environment in Florence during 2009, placed inside a venue of unique beauty in the heart of the city. Here an antique tropical garden leads to the exhibition space and allows the gallery to settle in the historical memory of the city, creating a link between past and contemporary times. The origin of the garden goes back to 1534, by the will of Margherita Acciaiuoli wife of the famous patron of arts Pierfrancesco Borgherini, owner of the property at the time. After two centuries, the garden and the building became both property of Rosselli del Turco family. The three rooms that compose the exhibition space were built at the beginning of the 20th century and they were projected as a winter garden. Today Aria is a dynamic gallery aimed to the production and realization of exhibitions, art fairs, events and high-level live performances. The shows scheduling is wide-ranging and always in progress. In its collection Aria Art Gallery includes works by past icons, like Auguste Rodin, Amedeo Modigliani and Andy Warhol, Viliano Tarabella and contemporary identities such as Burhan Dogancay, Carole A Feuerman, Zhuang Hong Yi, Hassan Hajjaj, Fabrizio Corneli, as well as young emergent artists selected according to Aria Foundation philosophy.
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